Mikael Lundqvist

Oct. 18, 2020, 3:34 p.m.

The best of carniv-apples

“Mmmm.” Having finally managed to break through the surprisingly tough restraints of hardened caramel, the blonde hummed contentedly around his mouthful of Candied Apple Pie. Anssi wasn’t normally the type of person to go straight for sweets, but between his coursework and continued headaches in Animagus studies and Quidditch training, he had been working hard since September; a day of ridiculously unhealthy food seemed a fair balance after all of that. And he did like apple pie. What was being sold at the carnival stall was a bit larger than the standard candy apple but claimed to hold an entire pie including a scoop of ice cream, and although he’d taken the advertisement with more than a few grains of salt, it sure tasted like it had been truthful. With warm apple chunks on the inside and a contrasting cold burst of vanilla, the hard candied shell was already melting in his mouth and adding a delicious flavour to the mix. Yup, he could get used to this.

He worked his tongue around his mouth to catch any caramel stuck to his teeth before moving over to tentatively lean against a rickety wooden fence. Resting his weight on it more fully once he confirmed it was stronger than it looked, Anssi observed the scene in front of him while he took another bite from the entire-dessert-on-a-stick. He hadn’t come up to Pearl Street since before it was sweater weather - his last trip had been with Kit, actually, which said a lot about how busy he had gotten since then.

Their date at the ice cream parlour had gone pretty well. There had been some very prolonged hugging, which he suspected almost counted as cuddling, but Anssi had found that the close contact was actually kind of nice and had even offered to hold hands with her while walking around the street. When they made it back to the elevator, he had definitely expected her to either kiss him (which he had not expected to feel interested in doing) or declare that he had to be her boyfriend now (which he was fully aware he had no answer for), or maybe both, but neither of those things happened. In fact, so far she hadn’t brought up their date or her boyfriend request again. It made him a little suspicious that Kit was up to something, but at the same time, he wasn’t about to bring it to her attention. If he had learned anything from their date it was that he didn’t mind doing date-like things together but didn’t want to actually date her, and he couldn’t think of how to explain that without coming across as weird or creepy or whatever.

But now, standing in the brisk afternoon sun watching the merry-go-round lazily spinning, wasn’t the time to worry about that. Catching a drip of stray caramel before it landed on his maroon peacoat - he hadn’t intentionally bought a coat with Draco colours, but it had been the first to fit him on the secondhand rack, and it was satisfying to have his Prefect badge glinting on the coat’s lapel - Anssi licked off his fingers and glanced over as another student came up beside him. “Hej,” he greeted them with a grin, forgetting to check first if there was apple peel stuck in his teeth. Hopefully not! “Are you thinking about trying the merry-go-round, or one of these?” he questioned, gesturing between the ride and Candied Apple Pies stall with his free hand. “I can’t speak to the former, but these pies are incredible.”

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