Oct. 18, 2020, 3:47 p.m.

I hope you know I meant 'hold' as in 'the anchovies'

Of course, Rhia knew who Wynona, or ‘Wyn’ as she liked to be called, was. They were in the same year. They hadn’t worked together in classes yet though, which she supposed was the RMI version of being properly introduced to someone. Their professors were incredibly fond of groupwork, which Rhiannon was definitively not in favor of. Nothing had been as bad as the incident with Dmitry, but she couldn’t say that she had any overwhelmingly pleasant experiences to brag about either. Not that Rhia was the bragging sort, although if she were to brag about anything it likely would be something related to school. That Wyn thought that Rhiannon needed to be told her name didn’t speak highly for the other girl’s own observational skills, but Rhia supposed it took all sorts.

“Rhiannon Taren,” she said, pulling out five Sickles and putting them down next to Wyn’s five. “They’re made of chocolate, right? So I’d imagine they’d melt and the magic would go out of them, but that’s just my hypothesis.” Rhia frowned. “On the other hand, if they didn’t jump, people might complain that they didn’t get their moneys’ worth. Although if we’re being quite fair here, I’m not entirely sure that whomever is in charge of this carnival really cares about us getting our moneys’ worth, judging by how the game section looks.”

She shrugged. There was only one way to find out, but a medium-sized line to wait in to get there. Rhiannon scooped the ten Sickles up and, clutching them in her hand, made her way over to the line assuming Wynona was following her. “The prevailing question is, of course,” Rhia continued over her shoulder, “why anyone would want to buy these things. They sound disgusting.” And yes, Rhia was fully aware of the irony of the statement as they stepped into the tail end of the line.

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