Andrew Tennant

Oct. 18, 2020, 5:21 p.m.

How do you like them apples?

Remy was in desperate need of a break, but Merlin forbid she not work on school stuff for one minute (just kidding, Drew had known when he asked her to come that his girlfriend (he was not tired of calling her his girlfriend, and did it at every opportunity) would say she wanted to stay in and work while it was quiet, and her focus was impressive and inspiring and adorable and inconvenient) so Drew was at the carnival alone.

Well, not alone-alone. Most of the RMI student body was there, and there were still a good amount of people who hadn’t confronted him about his love life in the last few months, so he could definitely find someone to hang out with. He knew Madeleine was around here somewhere, and he didn’t mind spending time with his younger sister, but he didn’t want to crash her party if she was having a good time with some of her lower-year friends. That would be embarrassing.

But there was Anssi, leaning against a fence eating a candied apple. Perfect.

“Hey,” Drew greeted him, when he had finally woven his way through the crowd to the Draco. There was a bit of apple peel stuck between two of Anssi’s bottom teeth, but Drew didn’t point it out—it’d probably dislodge on its own by the time Anssi finished eating. “Yeah? It’s that good? I was between that and the dragon funnel cake, but that apple looks awesome. You headed to the merry-go-round next?”

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