Oct. 25, 2020, 4:43 p.m.

Preferably in pie format, but I'm not too picky

“Absolutely,” he said in response to Drew’s first question, nodding empathically. “It’s pretty much an entire pie in an apple. I had some doubts, but it might even beat a classic homemade pie.” Not that he would ever tell that to his siblings. Ruben was, ironically, the one more inclined to baking, but even Dagny was still very proud of whatever she managed to make, and they were both way too competitive for their own good. He had a hazy memory from when they still lived in Sweden: a casual comment to his brother about the cardamom loaf someone’s parent from the kids’ football team had handed out after practice had resulted in several fresh loaves piled up to greet him when he awoke the next day - and then later on the brothers had gone to visit Dagny with a loaf in hand, and Ruben had dared her to do better, and they left with an extra two. It was a good way to get fed, but he wasn’t a child anymore and didn’t need to eat that much bread.

Anssi glanced towards the merry-go-round and shrugged. “I hadn’t considered it, actually. Just watching. It’s kind of fun just having something different to look at, you know?” The carnival was pretty enjoyable from an observational perspective. In a way, it was relaxing to be here and surrounded by it after so much time spent heads-down in schoolwork… well, it might have been more relaxing if there hadn’t been the occasional piercing scream from the roller coaster looming over the street, but even a few random screams didn’t put any damper on his mood. (It helped that he knew the screams were ride-associated and not some kind of student-made crisis the Prefect would feel obligated to break up.)

“But a calm ride is probably a good idea after eating this. Do you want to join?” he half-asked, half-offered, blue eyes lighting up in a grin. It’d been a while since he and Drew got to hang out - alone, and without any agenda, like tag-teaming with Remy to keep their old fight club thing from turning into Dakota v. Kit, or trying to solve the unsolveably complicated mess that was their shared social circle at RMI - and now that he was thinking about it, Anssi realized he could use some of that back in his life. Erm, the part where he and Drew could be regular buddies, he meant. Fight club had sort of fizzled out and friend drama he was only tangentially involved with, and Anssi was very fine with both of those being left the way they were. “Some other people going on have been taking full meals, I swear, so I bet we could bring food with us, if you wanted to grab something first.” He still had a fair piece left to go on his apple, and didn’t really want to wolf it down.

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