Nov. 1, 2020, 7:52 p.m.

As long as it’s a fair game

Remy was exactly the kind of person you wanted if you needed help. She was especially good at magic, and she was just the kind of person you wanted around when you were in need of help, because she would have a really good idea and want to help you out with it. So all in all Madeleine was very pleased to have caught her, out of everyone at the fair.

Aguamenti,” Madeleine explained brightly. “Aim it at the target, and then the hippogriff above that one goes up, and then you win.” Madeleine may have omitted a few steps but the game was self-explanatory. She was hoping Remy would pick the bright yellow hippogriff with the green beak, but since Remy was playing for her it seemed courteous to instead say, “You can pick which one.”

Madeleine was in possession of a rare occurrence: mixed feelings. Because on the one hand, Remy was fantastic and Madeleine thought it was really cool that her brother was dating his best friend now, especially when said best friend was so smart and pretty and nice. Madeleine totally supported it. And on the other hand, Darlene was kind and beautiful like a princess in a fairy tale, and it kinda bummed Madeleine out that the breakup meant Darlene might not play with her as much anymore. Obviously you couldn’t date two people at the same time so there wasn’t a way to make everyone happy. Hence the mixed feelings. But really Madeleine was supportive of everyone, especially if Drew was happy.

“If there’s anything you want,” Madeleine added, gesturing to the prizes—not all of them were stuffed animals—“we could play more than once. Or you could win something for Drew,” she singsonged her brother’s name with a huge smile.

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