Jameson Daegan

Nov. 7, 2020, 2:13 p.m.

Okay, but surely you could predict this

Fine? Fine??

Did this guy’s eyes work? Was he blind? Was something keeping him from seeing that everything was, in fact, not fine at all?! The world was on fire, everything had a glow around it, and his career was tanking every single second he had to spend at this hell hole of a school. Fine was for failures. He wasn’t a failure. Right?

“I am dying; things are not fine!” He forced the words out past his quick breaths. Who would come to his funeral if he died? There were plenty of people contractually obligated to come, of course, and the pictures would be fabulous, but he wanted to stay famous while he was alive. JD refused to be one of those hacks that only became popular because they were dead. Success wasn’t real if you didn’t get to be alive to enjoy it.

“Do you want to, like, find somewhere to sit and I’ll get you water? Or an adult?”

“Aren’t you an adult?!” JD snapped, the annoyance at the uselessness of this person starting to overtake the panic squeezing his heart. The relief was shortlived, though, because suddenly - no!! Of all the times for JD to spot someone with a camera, who might be paparazzi, this was the worst time.

The panic took over again and JD ran to the other student, grabbing onto one of his arms for support. He pointed just ahead of them, to a funhouse attraction made of mirrors. “Quick, we have to go in there before they see me! We have to hide.” He tugged on the other student’s arm one more time, desperate. His sunglasses began to slide off the bridge of his nose. His voice came out absolutely manly and not at all in a squeaky pubescent tone. “Help me! I don’t want the paparazzi to take a picture - my fans can’t see me like this!!”

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