Nov. 7, 2020, 2:48 p.m.

I don't really want to, tbh

For as much as the kid’s initial implication that he was having a heart attack had scared Raja, as the antics went on, the older boy found himself getting less concerned and more annoyed. Somehow, actually, literally dying seemed like a bit of a stretch. He was probably just having a panic attack or something - which, Raja recognized, was its own kind of beast and definitely could be scary - but this was just some dramatics that he had not been prepared to deal with today. All dramatics required a 3-5 business day window for approval before Raja would be ready, thank you very much.

Raja did almost panic again, though, when the kid snapped at him about being an adult himself. Well, crap, he was an adult! Or at least, kinda. Like, he was seventeen and that put him of legal wizarding age, so technically he was an adult, but he definitely wasn’t a grown up, and he was not equipped for medical or emotional emergency.

He didn’t have time to refute that before the kid was off again, freaking out now about being seen “like this”. Raja wasn’t sure why anyone would care, but then he said something about paparazzi and fans? And good lord, did this kid fancy himself famous or something? Raja was very tempted to frankly inform him that dude, nobody cares who you are, but the kid was tugging on his arm and really losing his freaking mind, so it was easier for now to just go with it.

“Fine, quick, in here,” Raja instructed, guiding and supporting him into the funhouse ahead. (This was what he got for trying to engage with another RMI student.) He discovered quickly that this was one of those places with all the weird mirrors. Among the even more unflattering reflected versions of themselves, hopefully this kid would find enough peace to cram it. “Okay, you should sit down now,” he said firmly, gesturing to the spot most out of the way. He knew he would regret it, but curiosity got the better of him, and he had to ask, “So, paparazzi, huh? Who are you, anyway?”

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