Remington Burnham

Nov. 7, 2020, 7:10 p.m.

I always play fair!

Madeleine was such a sweet girl. Remington always thought of Drew’s younger sister as, well, the closet thing she would get to a sibling of her own. Her parents never told her why they hadn’t had more kids. They were great at being a mom and dad, and she saw how happy they were whenever they got to hold a baby at family get togethers. It never came up, though, and Remington knew they wouldn’t be having another child now. The age gap between her and the nonexistent sibling would be wild!

“Thank goodness I know that spell,” she said with a smile. “I could teach you sometime, if you want.” Remington liked helping the younger students with their spellwork. She certainly had no plans of being a teacher, but she enjoyed it. Feeling good at something, especially when it helped others, wasn’t as consistent an emotion as she would’ve liked. This year was better, though, and she imagined college would be the same. Plus, Madeleine somehow got even cuter when she learned new things!

She found a spot in front of one of the Hippogriffs - bright yellow with a green beak - and withdrew her wand. Madeleine explained the prizes, and that they could play more than once to win if there was one the older student wanted, and boy, Remington was glad she hadn’t yet cast the spell. When Madeleine mentioned Drew in a knowing, sing-songy voice, she startled just a little and began to blush.

“Well…” Remington laughed, both embarrassed and delighted at the reminder of this new development in her life, “I think winning his sister a prize is exactly what he’d want to do, too.” Her smile grew to match Madeleine’s. “So let’s win. But you have to help me hold my hand steady, okay?” Between lack of sleep, an overabundance of caffeine, and not eating as much as she knew she should due to being crazy busy, her hands were shaking just enough to make a difference.

Once she felt steady, she took aim and confidently cast aguamenti at the target. She hoped she’d win Madeleine that prize!

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