Nov. 8, 2020, 11:34 a.m.

Chaos makes the world go around

“I mean, I’m here,” Elliot shrugged. The coffee in the Finer Diner was way not strong enough, but he would survive. If the Wandbreaker couldn’t properly wake him up, nothing would.

Dea was not one of those people with an impenetrable poker face, and from her expression Elliot could tell immediately that she was about to drop a bomb. Something was going on and, even better, she was about to ask Elliot to be part of it. His first thought was that it was probably a prank—Dea was practically an honorary Aquila from the amount of mayhem she liked to put in play—and he knew already that he was definitely in.

Despite his official membership to the prankster House, Elliot hadn’t had much of a pranking career at RMI. It was just harder to get inspired when you didn’t have a little sister to retaliate against, and hard to come up with something that would affect people en masse in a way that was fun. His longest-held personal vendetta at the school, with Kit Kendrick, was sort of on pause right now because of the “saved her life from a Devil’s Snare in Magizoobotany” thing. Elliot was not entirely convinced that Kit wasn’t just going to snap and do a behavioral one-eighty like a robot shaking its programming or someone snapping out of a hypnotic trance, but so far they were still in some kind of truce. Maybe a partner in crime was just what Elliot needed for massive prank inspiration.

What Dea revealed was not a prank, though: it was better. “No way,” Elliot said, a huge lopsided grin spreading across his face. This was perfect. This was so perfect he couldn’t even put it into words. He’d been jealous as hell of Dea’s dirt bike when she told him about it. It was basically a motorcycle, and motorcycles combined the cool leather jacket aesthetic with speed and racing. They were baller. “Okay, so what’s the plan?” he said immediately. “We can go to the park after the carnival or something, cruise around?”

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