Nov. 8, 2020, 5:21 p.m.

Not sure I believe that

According to Jay, screaming was the best part of roller coasters. Dmitry gave him a very brief and skeptical look before returning hazel eyes to the ride overhead. Screaming was not a very fun activity. The only time he really screamed was when watching his uncle’s Quidditch matches, but the matches themselves were much better than the cheering; he always went home after with a sore throat and it reminded him of being sick. Screaming might be part of the roller coaster experience, but there was no way it could be the best part.

Jay then went on to say that not only was screaming the best part of roller coasters, but roller coasters were the best part of carnivals. Having never been on one before, he couldn’t yet say for sure that he agreed, and even after he went on this one he wouldn’t be able to agree since he would have then only been on one roller coaster at one carnival and not able to make a general statement about all carnivals. But this roller coaster was definitely the most outstanding part of this carnival. The way it loomed over all of the other rides and displays and games was very impressive and eye-catching.

“Nyet,” he repeated, shaking his head for emphasis to get the point across. “I ‘ave not seen one in the festivals at home. Big rides are not so common in the street like this. I guess you have more here?” The way he was talking made it seem like he had been on many roller coasters before. “Is it dangerous?” he added, a bit suspicious. Jay had also said that part of why roller coasters were the best was because they were ‘sketchy’, a word that Dmitry only knew in the art context. But sketching involved a lot of scribbled lines which, if applied to roller coasters or indeed anything that people were expected to sit on and move very fast and even upside down, seemed like a bad thing.

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