Remington Burnham

Nov. 13, 2019, 5:45 p.m.

Not my favorite activity

Term waited for no one. Sixth year was up and running, and Remington had to keep up with the sprint. She kept the six of her seven classes from the year before. As much as she tried to choose between History of Magic and Cultural Studies, she had to keep both. Defense Against the Dark Arts was, honestly, a really easy grade under Professor Embers, and it looked impressive to have O’s in that on a resume. She still planned on mastering her animagus class. That meant Spellwork had to stay, too. She enjoyed the work that came with the Healing Internship, which meant the only class she could really spare was MagiSci.

Of course, instead of taking a break during her new batch of free time, Remington filled it with a new class. This one took place on Pearl Street with Muggle students her age. The other high schoolers who were part of this SAT Prep group thought she was being homeschooled, which is why she didn’t attend any of their schools. Since they met on Pearl Street, Remington left her prefect badge and robes in her room. Her yellow sweater and white pants seemed completely Muggle. It let her fit right in.

The SAT group started a couple weeks before RMI’s term began, so she’d found herself panicking that she’d be slightly behind. She didn’t need to worry, though, because the other students caught her up. Doing well on the SATs this year was of the utmost importance to her. Remington still didn’t know if she’d apply to a Muggle school or not, but she refused to take chances. She’d have the scores, even if she didn’t need them.

“Same time next week?” Jason asked the group over the sound of various backpack zippers and snaps. The murmured agreement from the other four students, Remington included, was good enough for it to go into her planner. She waved everyone goodbye and threw her yellow floral messenger bag over her shoulder. Since this was going to turn into a consistent part of her schedule, she needed to go ahead and book some of her tutoring services around it. Might as well; she was already on Pearl Street at this time.

“Remington! Hey!”

Apparently, the Draco wasn’t the only person she knew out and about on Pearl Street.

The call from Darlene took her by surprise. Neither girl went out of their way to spend time with each other despite having Drew in common. Her tan ballet flats stopped in their tracks as she plastered on a smile and tried not to take in Darlene’s multiple shopping bags. Of course that’s what she was doing right now.

Darlene asked about her summer and Remington gave a small shrug. Come on, be nice. Drew would appreciate it. “It was good. Usually I do academic programs, but I actually took the summer off to spend time with my mom and dad. Talked them out of throwing me a sweet sixteen party. It was completely uneventful.” From her tone of voice, it was clear that Remington found that to be a good thing. “How about you?”

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