Jason Fitz

Nov. 28, 2020, 9:21 p.m.

It's what I'm up to that's the question

Fortunately for Jace, Boulder-in-January weather was usually pretty in line with his outfit of choice, which was to say ‘shorts also probably a t-shirt maybe a sweatshirt’. Today was no exception and his black Batman vs Superman t-shirt and khaki shorts were just perfect for the shining January sun on Pearl Street Mall.

Just before midterm, he’d pranked Beth Anderson by swapping her regular quill with a Nipping Quill and she hadn’t noticed then but she’d sure as hell noticed with a very loud yelp during Astronomy last week. She’d got him back by hexing his shoelaces so they tangled themselves whenever he sat down. Jace had only realized that was why after like the third time he’d nearly concussed himself trying to get out of his seat and Beth looked a little too innocent. That time had been in Potions too, so Professor Rob had laughed at him too. Yeah, Jace’s housemate was going to pay for that one.

After conspiring with Jake at lunch yesterday, Jace had the outlines of a plan. It involved explosions and Wartcap powder. It didn’t involve an actual pipe bomb, but Jace could attest to the fact that the mildly explosive device he intended to make could one day evolve into a pipe bomb, with a little time and effort. When she was fifteen Jenna had learned about something called The Anarchist’s Cookbook and it hadn’t crossed her mind that teaching a pair of seven year olds how to blow things up with what she learned from it was a questionable use of her time. Mom and Dad still didn’t know about any of that. Jenna had sworn the younger twins to secrecy, and neither Jake nor Jace was ever going to go against that. But it had given them some useful skills when it came to prank warfare.

The thing was, he needed Wartcap powder. Somehow he’d managed to go through all of his in the first half of term, which had nothing to do with Vi Rosse being annoying during Quidditch practice and trying to hit him in the head a little too hard during a scrimmage. So off to the apothecary Jace went, thankful that as a third year he was allowed to go to Pearl Street unattended. It wasn’t until he was coming out of the apothecary, Wartcap powder in hand, that he nearly ran into another student. Jace stepped aside quickly to avoid actual collision and swiftly slid the container into the pocket of his shorts, hoping that the person going into the apothecary hadn’t noticed the fairly prominent label on the Wartcap powder bottle.

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