Deagret Wyckland

Dec. 19, 2020, 1:01 p.m.

...Whatever you're up to seems sus...I want in.

Dea was running out of money. And it was only-mid January, which was not good, because how the hell was she supposed to pay for her candy addiction without money, something she was (unsurprisingly) notoriously bad with.

Good thing she'd stocked up on shrinking potions before the winter holiday--but that also meant that her time on her dirt bike in the secret passageways was now much more limited. It was really her only viable source of adrenaline rushes right now, other than Quidditch. But it was January.

So, she decided that she needed to get better with money, and be able to walk through the shops on Pearl Street and just window-shop, aka, not buy anything. Not even ice cream. Which was really gonna suck.

Dea was headed to the apothecary next, a place she didn't really buy things from so she deemed it a bit more safe. She was playing with the zipper on her puffer jacket and trying not to look at things in the shop window when she nearly collided with Jace--and just barely got a glance at what he had slipped into his pocket. It was a very, very familiar label.

Dark eyes suddenly alight with curiosity, she got straight to the point. "What are you doing with Wartcap powder? Can I help? Why are you wear khaki shorts in the middle of January? Also, hi, Jace."

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