Jan. 31, 2021, 9:56 a.m.

Me, sus? Never.

You could always count on Dea to ask about a million questions, but you could always count on Dea to be up for a good time so when Jace realized who he’d basically run into he almost sighed in relief. It could’ve been someone like the Deputy Headmaster or his Head of House or - well okay, Rob would’ve looked the other way real hard but Fell probably would’ve turned him into a tadpole or something.

“You know Beth?” Jace didn’t wait for confirmation before he went on because of course Dea knew Beth, RMI was a real small school and everyone knew each other by January, even the tiny firsties. “She hexed my shoelaces so I’m gonna make Wartcap powder explode all over her. My sister taught me to make these,” he quickly changed tack because telling people your sister knew how to make bombs wasn’t smart and Jace liked to think of himself as a smart cookie, “explode-y things,” well okay that was basically bombs but not saying the word ‘bomb’ was at least less sus. “And Beth’s got it coming. Want in? I can show you how to make them.”

It did not occur to Jace, as it probably should have, that making any sort of explosive in school was probably frowned upon at the very least because he was mostly interested in getting Dea in on this. Dea and Beth didn’t hang that Jace knew of but he could chance that. Get a little gang together, cause some mischief. He liked Sadie but she already had her group of friends in her year, and Jace wanted his own little gang of miscreants that wouldn’t graduate before him.

“And I wear shorts all the time,” Jace shrugged. “Long pants are itchy.”

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