Jameson Daegan

March 17, 2020, 9:39 p.m.

New band name, I call it

Oh, it was Elliot. JD relaxed just a little bit. Elliot liked to sass him. When he did it, JD didn’t mind it as much. Other people snapped at him sometimes but they weren’t pretty so they didn’t get a pass. There were other people he flirted with, of course. Sadie was the number one person for that. Any member of the press who snapped a picture of them ultimately had a scandalous angle to play with; she didn’t look like other girls, if he was being honest. He liked to hit on Kit, too, but that was because she was dumb and it was easy.

He opened his mouth to respond to Elliot’s quick “Bite me,” but was sidetracked by his continued rant. JD rolled his blue eyes and rolled up the sleeves of his dark blue button up. “Don’t you think I’d have my own town crier if this broke ass school would let me?”

Seriously, it was rude of them not to let him have an assistant. No other student at this stupid place had a career to balance with their studies. He deserved one.

JD looked at Elliot, taking the time to process exactly who he’d run into. He liked Elliot well enough. He was only a year younger than Rocky Mountain International’s pop star, but he was adventurous, sassy, and cute. Hanging out with him during the drive in movie was fun, and he couldn’t ignore that Elliot was getting more attractive each time they met.

Hm. No one was taking pictures of him and Sadie anymore. That had become too… novel. If JD was going to get on the front pages over the Secret Saxophones, he needed to do something drastic. Something - something unheard of. Something truly scandalous.

“What are you doing right now?” He cocked his head to the side ever so slightly. A slow grin brightened his features. “I wouldn’t mind a distraction to get me out of this foul mood.”

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