Elliot Phippen

March 21, 2020, 9:46 a.m.

They only play dis-chords

Sometimes, the way JD talked made Elliot think he’d gotten really into character on a shoot once and never snapped out of it when he walked off set. Elliot liked the guy, but he wasn’t sure how self-aware JD was. Like, had he realized Elliot was teasing him and decided to joke back? Or was he dead serious about wanting a hype man to follow him around (or walk around in front of him, actually)? Both seemed plausible. It was a good thing JD was hot, because he was basically Emperor Kuzco in the first half of the movie, before he learned life lessons as a llama.

Say, there was an idea. Was there really a potion that could make that happen? Or would it be more of a transfiguration thing? Then again, the probable effort of turning JD into a llama was more than Elliot was willing to expend—although he was going to mention it to Sadie and Gigi, because they were the kind of people who would work for shenanigans. Elliot was more of an ideas man, or good for executing impulsive shenanigans. Llama potions had too many steps.

“Working on my tan,” quipped Elliot, who was the kind of white that only deep-sea creatures and cave-dwelling nerds could achieve. He actually sunburned easily, but he was hoping his good mood would protect him from the UV rays today. The only time Elliot remembered to wear sunscreen was when one of his grownups made him. He was pretty sure Dad had put a bottle of sunscreen in his suitcase before he came back to RMI this year, but when he was unpacking Elliot had put it… he didn’t remember. Shoved it under the bathroom sink, maybe? He didn’t get sunburn from the inside-of-RMI sun so it never mattered.

He sipped his frappuccino. He thought about asking why JD’s mood was so “foul” (ugh, seriously, who even talked like that?) but realized he didn’t care enough to listen to whatever tirade that would trigger from the teen pop star. “What kind of distraction are you looking for?” he asked instead. That answer could be more fun for Elliot.

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