Professor Kristen Brooks

Sept. 7, 2020, 4:02 p.m.

A Troublemaker? Where??

Somehow, Kristen Brooks had knocked down a third set of pretend daggers, which she only noticed when they clattered against the prop room floor. She swore under her breath. What in the name of Merlin made her so clumsy in here? Walking through cramped booths of merchandise at any Renaissance Faire without incident was no problem, yet in this room, her hips seemed attracted to anything that could be knocked off of a surface. She scooped the fake daggers back up and put them where she thought they came from.

The new professor’s purpose in the prop room was two-fold. She was immensely curious about the theater space at her new 9-5 job, and she wanted to look for some things she could enchant for dueling practice that were more interesting than “faceless mannequin blob.” So far she hadn’t found much to enchant, but she did like the theater space. It was large with a decent costume selection - although much did not rival the existing costumes in her own wardrobe - and the prop room seemed endlessly entertaining.

Turning a corner, she spotted something that finally would work. “Oh, that’s perfect.” There were two skeletons, like the ones in Muggle science classrooms, and a full suit of armor just hanging out, collecting dust. Surely, the theater director wouldn’t mind if she borrowed them for educational purposes. She could see it already: a little labyrinth where the enchanted skeletons and armor would pop out from around corners, and students would need to use defensive spells to keep the attackers from snatching them away. It could be an immersive class that would have more lasting power in anyone’s minds than having a dummy stand still in the middle of the room to easily shoot spells at.

“Alright, looks like you’re coming with me.” She grabbed a hairtie from her wrist and used it to pull her red and orange hair, with purple roots, away from her freckled cheeks. There were no robes covering her outfit for this adventure, so nothing hid her black studded top, flowing jacket with several belts, thick leggings, and knee high boots from view. Before she could pull out her wand to convince her new friends to walk with her to her classroom, she heard a voice boom from the other side of the room.

“Identify yourself. This area is not meant for playing. Classes are in session, and I suggest you make a hasty departure, lest you find yourself in detention tonight.”

Kristen was nearly forty years old and couldn’t believe she was already being threatened with detention a few days into her first term. She’d been homeschooled her whole childhood, so she never had the opportunity to experience a detention. Guess there was a first time for anything, and it was never too late to get some formative experiences under her best.

“Oh, please, Professor,” She joked, poking her head from around the corner, “Not detention! My permanent record can’t take it!” Her eyebrows raised above her blue eyes and she fully stepped out to face the Deputy Head. “Is the theater such a dangerous place that you need to be so serious, or is that just how you talk to all children?”

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