Deputy Head Bellamy Fell

Sept. 13, 2020, 6:25 p.m.

Rest assured I'm keeping a close eye on her

In terms of the social sphere, there were few things that he disliked as much as being responded to in jest. There were, of course, worse fates, such as stock market declines or fixed-portion premiums, but these generally occurred as a result of broader community targets instead of being directly leveled against his person. Being the type of man who took great pride in his person, all the way to his perfectly oiled mustache and Italian handspun silk socks - after all, the diricawl was in the details, as the old saying went - Bellamy Fell was not one to appreciate having a serious inquiry regarded as nothing more than an opportunity for jokes.

He especially disliked when this transgression was made by his inferiors. And Kristen Brooks, who was both RMI’s newest hire and from a subset of society where, as he understood it, being a Muggle clown was considered an aspirational profession, was most certainly his inferior.

“Good afternoon,” he greeted her with a curt nod, refusing to acknowledge her attempt at humour. While Kristen also had no place being in the theatre’s costuming area during teaching hours, he could think of no logical reason to tell her so; it was better, if only marginally, to find her here rather than a student. Bellamy still could not fathom how she was the most suitable candidate for the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Cindra Embers had been an appalling selection - truly, the best action she had taken as professor was to abandon the school without warning - and somehow Tobias had managed to find an equally unqualified witch to replace her. (Clearly they ought to start hiring men for the role.) There were two possible scenarios at play: either there had been no other applicants, thus suggesting that Rocky Mountain International was in some way an undesirable school to work at, or the Headmaster’s mental faculties were becoming unstable, thus suggesting there may be a position of higher leadership opening shortly. The latter was far preferable.

With any luck, the immaturely attired woman before him had accepted this position on a whim, and would sooner than later follow another whim to re-join whatever circus she had appeared from. In the meantime, he would have to keep a close eye on her classes. If her teaching methods, which he had made an educated guess upon first glance at her resume to be somewhere on the spectrum between unorthodox and entirely hands-off, lowered the student testing averages and set RMI back a few steps in the IWCE school rankings… well. That would be unacceptable.

“My apologies for the confusion.” Bellamy had no reason to apologize, but did so anyways as a show of goodwill. He would be pleasantly surprised if she took the cue to apologize for her actions in turn. “I assure you, my tone is most appropriate. Several of the children here have a history of being troublesome and have caused significant damage to school property; for them to be out of class unpermitted spells great risk.” If he had had it his way, Mr. Farnon would have been expelled for his attack on poor Miss Dubois. Instead, the violent teen had practically been championed by staff and students alike. It was unfortunate that had been early enough in his role at RMI to prevent him from insisting on stricter punitive measures.

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