Andrew Tennant

Oct. 18, 2020, 6:07 p.m.

Extry, extry

The theater was Drew’s favorite place at RMI. Not just for music—although you couldn’t deny the acoustics were awesome—but it was just a good place to think and do work. The seats were way more comfortable than the ones in the library or the lecture hall, and outside of rehearsal it was usually quiet and empty, a pre-show hush without all the nerves. Now that he was the editor, Drew liked to use the stage to do layout for Rocky Voices, because sometimes you just needed to physically arrange the features in a massive form so you could visualize how the pages were supposed to look.

Armed with a stack of proofed articles and a soda from the Diner, Drew began setting out the pages. First was the letterhead, obviously, but Drew didn’t know what to put for the cover story. He left it for now. Joshua Kwegyir-Aggrey’s spotlight on Professor McCloud could go on page 2, along with Yazmin’s article making the case for RMI students getting more religious holidays off. Eugene Hardie’s advice column would go on page 3—Drew had yet to decide whether this was better or worse than alumna Heather Bartel’s old gossip column, but a shocking amount of people wanted anonymous advice from Eugene. Humor (Jarrett and Joey’s column) always went on the back, along with Ruth Fischer’s cartoons. Rhiannon Taren, who Drew suspected would succeed him as editor someday, was working on an expose about cheating on homework, but Drew wasn’t satisfied enough with her sources to run it this month.

Piece by piece, the paper was coming together, but there was still the cover story to choose. Nathan Markopoulos had interviewed seventh years on what they wished they’d known as first years, which was interesting if not, strictly speaking, news. And Eugene Hardie had written an article about ghosts (Drew didn’t understand where Eugene found the time for all of the writing he did, but then again he wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Eugene didn’t actually sleep). The article was alarmingly accusatory for being written in a school that—to Drew’s knowledge, and he had grown up here—had no ghosts, so Drew might run it as an op-ed… but he had to admit that suspicious ghost activity made a catchier headline than Nathan’s interviews. There were a few others that could usurp the front page, but these two were the frontrunners.

Drew was still contemplating the articles when he heard the theater door creak open. “Hey,” he called up to the newcomer. “Wanna help with layout? It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, but interesting.”

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Extry, extry - Andrew Tennant || October 18