Andrew Tennant

Jan. 30, 2021, 1:43 p.m.

What’s cooking?

With the pages for the next edition of Rocky Voices tucked in a jumbled sheaf, Drew headed to the theater to do layout. Joshua Kwegyir-Aggrey had a great piece on mixed magical-Muggle communities that Drew definitely wanted to spotlight on the cover, but he wasn’t sure it was gripping enough to be the cover story. Nathan Markopoulos had done a fun listicle ranking the plants in Professor McCloud’s poison greenhouse by murderiness, which Drew thought was humorous enough that no one on staff would object to it (in fact he had a strong suspicion that Professor McCloud would be flattered and/or impressed). Drew was pretty sure that at least three of the articles in his stack were by Eugene Hardie. He had no idea where the kid got the time for all the writing he did, but the articles were always interesting and Drew liked anything that made the paper look longer, so he was happy to include as many ghost stories as the fourth-year could churn out.

As the double doors banged shut behind him, he was surprised to see someone else using the space. Not that Drew had any special claim to RMI’s theater—it was a community resource—but he felt a little prickle of annoyance. He just wanted to finish layout so he could get the paper to press for tomorrow. Maybe he could use the pit? It was just such a hassle to climb down there, though. Now would be a great time to be able to apparate inside RMI.

But maybe they were just finishing. There didn’t seem to be an instrument or another actor on the stage. As he got closer Drew could hear that person seemed to be talking to themself, which admittedly wasn’t the weirdest thing you could see at RMI, but it wasn’t common enough to fall safely in the “these are all completely normal events” category. They were also wearing a chef’s hat, which elevated the weirdness.

“Hey,” Drew called as he reached the stage. “What’s… cooking?”

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