Jan. 31, 2021, 11:01 a.m.

What a trooper!

“Yeah!” Paige agreed brightly to his explanation of poisons versus venoms. It was a sorta bogan line to drop. Like, duh of course spiders, snakes, jellies, and reef snails were venomous, not poisonous. But she had to remember that she was lucky to know heaps about those critters, because she had the experience of growing up down under where practically everything could kill you, and she was also lucky to know heaps about how to poison people, because she had the experience uhhhh what?

Anyways, considering that Drew was from the States, the fact he knew anything about that stuff was a great start. At least he wasn’t a total beginner.

She skipped over pointing out that people don’t bite soup and went straight for, “Except not everything ya bite is all danger. Like, you can bite an apple fine as, buuuuut if ya mash up twenty cores and mix ‘em in a Chinese-style fruit soup, hey bye!” Paige clapped her hands cheerfully, then proceeded to clap them paddy-cake-style in the air in front of her. “Thanks, cyanide!” Apples weren’t the easiest to work with, since you had to keep ‘em raw but also disguise ‘em so your target ate it all up in one go. But they were super easy to access which made up for the effort.

“Also,” she continued, brown eyes lighting up excitedly, “not all poison pops ya straight off to Deadland. Sparragut berries’ll make you puke for daaaays. Or nutmeg! That’s a bit tougher to pull off cos of the flavour, but it’s so ace. Didja know it has a whole symptom pattern? You start off all regular sick-like, then it gets worse, then hallucinations, coma, and hey bye! Great for knocking someone off roundabout. Good luck tracing it back.” Suddenly, Paige paused in her ramble (and finally stopped clapping the air, too). “You’re not gonna take all this and poison someone, right? That’s stealing and stealing is wrong.”

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