Elliot Phippen

Oct. 4, 2020, 6:59 p.m.

What friends?

You’d think that the Quidditch Pitch would be the biggest novelty for New York-bred Elliot Phippen, but NYC actually had plenty of sky. Elliot had taken his Cirrus Falcon 5 out over the high-rise-dotted skyline with a Disillusionment Charm dozens of times, and the feeling of Wronski Feint-ing down a skyscraper was indescribably epic.

But what they didn’t have at home was a swimming pool. Obviously there were swimming pools in NYC (Uncle Zack lived in the rich part of the city and he had one, and sometimes Elliot and his sister Ariana went over there, mostly when Dad and Mama had date nights but also sometimes when Zack was pretending to be a single dad to impress a date), but the Phippens didn’t usually have pool access. You could fly anywhere, but if you didn’t have a pool, where were you gonna swim, the Hudson? Not unless you wanted to catch, like, a million diseases that were probably New Jerseyan (and thus 40 times worse) in origin.

RMI had an amazing swimming pool with slides and waterfalls and shit. Also Elliot had had some kind of growth spurt over the summer, and while he definitely wasn’t swole, he was starting to get abs in the way that track stars were fit, because that was how Seekers did. So Elliot was not shy about strolling all the way from Aquila to the Edwards Recreation Center in just his swim trunks (electric blue, patterned with white dolphins) and flip flops, with a school towel slung around his shoulders.

Someone was in the Rec Center when Elliot got there, but they weren’t swimming. Oh boy, what kind of ego-driven nonsense was JD up to now? Elliot had to check this out. He sauntered over to the silly little booth to see what the pop princeling had decided to make his latest obsession.

Well, it was definitely not a lemonade stand. This was hilarious. And weird. Usually JD only did shenanigans in full view of the public. There weren’t any cameras in the rec center. So Elliot could probably have some fun with this. “You know, you don’t strike me as the fundraising type,” Elliot said, leaning on JD’s booth with both hands. “What’s the money for?”

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