Katherine Kendrick

Nov. 27, 2020, 7:09 p.m.

Just a little clownfish, swimming swimming

So far things were going really good with poisoning Drew. She and Darlene had gotten some things from the apothecary on Pearl Street, and then mixed it all up and turned it into a poison (or at least they were pretty sure it was a poison, it wasn’t like they could really test it but they’d followed all the instructions very carefully, or well Darlene had followed all the instructions and Kit had watched because she wasn’t great at Potions and it wasn’t like they wanted to kill Drew or anything) and Kit had stealthily put it on Drew’s bag the first time she’d seen him after Midterm with it. She hadn’t noticed anything different with Drew so far so it was hard to tell if the poison was working, but also it hadn’t been super long and she wasn’t super sure if she needed to reapply it or something. It wasn’t like they got instructions for how to poison someone at the apothecary, the person working the counter had seemed really bored which to Kit was kind of weird, like why would you work in some place with all this stuff that could do all sorts of things and be bored? That seemed really dangerous actually now that she thought about it. She hoped that the apothecary assistant or whoever had actually given them the right amount of the right stuff and hadn’t just decided to give them whatever because they were bored. Yikes.

Anyway so Kit was actually all caught up in classes, or as much as Kit was ever caught up in classes, and she didn’t have a whole lot to do and everyone was busy, so instead of hanging out with her friends, Kit took all of her energy down to the Edwards Rec Center to swim. She liked swimming, in part because she had a really awesome Finding Nemo swimsuit and in part because being in the water was like flying except for without the likelihood of crashing if you stopped paying attention. The only danger water really had was that it could make you stop breathing but like, you noticed when you weren’t breathing right? There was time to fix it. But with a broom, you didn’t notice you were crashing until there you were, crashing, and you had to pretend it was an awesome move gone wrong or a joke or something because otherwise people might think you shouldn’t be Quidditch Captain even if you were totally going to be a good Quidditch Captain.

Ignoring the stuffy old Edwards portrait that had been installed at the same time that the name for the Rec Center had changed to the “Edwards Recreation Center” because he was a big giant jerk (good thing Kit didn’t know him in real life, or she’d have to give him a talking-to even though he was a grown-up because he really did not behave like someone who was a real person), Kit walked in her sweatpants and an old t-shirt with Sessomaru from InuYasha on it, from back when she’d had a massive crush on him, around the pool to a part near the waterfall and water slides, and put down her towel. Then she took off her sweatpants and t-shirt, looked at the water slide, and decided that the thing to do was definitely to go down it.

Right now she was alone in the Rec Center, so she took her time getting into the water slide, sliding down a little and then pulling herself back up again and then sliding down a little and - whoops, losing control and spinning around and going head-first on her stomach down the water slide and oh no barreling right into a person who had been standing right in front of the slide.

Coughing, Kit stood up in the pool and wiped water out of her eyes so she could see who was standing there with her. “Sorry sorry sorry,” she said. “I didn’t see you when I came in.”

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