Nov. 29, 2020, 11:27 a.m.

When you've got fronds!

Drew was coughing but it was probably because of water he swallowed, because that made Kit cough too, and not because of poison that was supposed to be making him just a little bit sick but didn’t seem like it was. Her cousin was crazy busy, he was doing all these things and also dating Remy which meant that he had pretty much no time for Kit which was kind of okay but also kind of not because she wanted to make sure he didn’t die and also it was hard to keep making sure he was poisoned when she never saw him. But she couldn’t really ask Drew to eat lunch with her every week so she could poison him, that would be admitting to what they were doing and probably even Drew would find that a little weird so that was out of the question. Probably he hadn’t brought his bag to the rec center anyway, but Kit actually didn’t have the poison with her so it didn’t matter. Grr, argh.

“Why were you sleeping in the pool?” she asked. “You should sleep in your bed or something. You’re less likely to drown. Wait are you feeling sick? Do you have a cold or something?”

Suddenly, Kit realized that there was a flaw in their plan.

If Drew was sick, that meant that he would stay in bed. But Drew wasn’t in Lyra with Darlene and Kit. Drew was in Cetus, with Dakota. That meant that Darlene wouldn’t be able to nurse him back to health because there was no way for her to get to Drew’s bed, and it wasn’t as though they’d be able to convince Drew to be sick in their room because oh no he couldn’t get up the stairs because he was a boy. Crap and snickerdoodles! They’d spent so much time figuring out how to get the poison and how to get the poison to Drew that they’d never managed to figure out a plan for how to get Darlene to Drew after he’d been poisoned. Sure, she could maybe bring him a cup of hot chocolate or ginger tea or something after class or something but that wasn’t really a way for someone to realize that they were still actually in love with you.

Okay the thing that they needed to do then was they needed to find a way to get Drew in a place where he needed nursing back to health but also was in a place that they could get to, and the only thing that Kit could think of was the Infirmary with Medic Rock who could maybe be talked into letting them in if they asked nicely. Maybe they could get Madeleine to ask for them? Right. New plan. Drew had to go to the Infirmary. They just had to figure out how.

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