Dec. 19, 2020, 12:05 p.m.

A frond in need is a frond indeed

“I was floating in the pool?” Drew said, because sometimes when Kit asked you a question the only thing you could do was answer with another question. He wasn’t worried about drowning because… well like, could you even drown in the rec center pool? He was ninety-nine percent sure there was some kind of spell that would summon Kizzy or someone if a person started drowning. Also Drew had been able to swim since forever—he’d even taught Remy how to swim a few years ago—so yeah, no danger of drowning for him.

Wait are you feeling sick? Do you have a cold or something?

Kit was very concerned about his health all of a sudden, which was like… weird but kind of in a thoughtful way? Sometimes (well, usually, if he was being honest) Kit got really obsessed with her own agenda. Not in a self-centered way. Just in the kind of way where there was only one train of thought in Kit’s head and its track definitely went to weird places as yet unexplored by human beings, but it didn’t actually derail because Kit probably always knew why Kit was thinking what Kit was thinking. It just took some “six degrees of Joseph Wagoner”ing for a normal person to figure out how.

Anyway it was nice of Kit to ask if he was feeling okay because that wasn’t a normal stop on the Kit Express. “Uh, I don’t think so.” If he had a cold his nose would be runnier. “I’m just tired,” he said. “Sixth year is no joke, huh? I finally get why Remy says she gets so busy she forgets to eat. Like I’m working on something and I’m not hungry enough to stop.” That never used to happen before (his appetite normally made its demands loud and clear) but sixth year was something else.

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