Jameson Daegan

Nov. 26, 2019, 4:45 p.m.

Swimming with the Stars

JD returned to his hellish punishment slightly late. Summer filled quickly with tours, press conferences, parties, paparazzi, and more. So what if he went back to his normal humbling school a day or so too late? It had everything to do with appeasing his loyal fans, and nothing at all to do with the fact that Rocky Mountain International wanted him to eat on the floor their first day back.

What was with this barbaric school and the floor? Tables were invented for a reason.

Now that he was a fourth year, the Pop Penseive was able to lighten up his schedule with classes more to his liking. He chose Cultural Studies (because he was Culture), Astronomy (to be amongst the only other Stars at RMI), and History of Magic (because he had to get his beauty naps somewhere) without much thought. Those were just a given. Filling the last two slots proved to be much more difficult than he realized it would be.

Potions was incredibly gross, so he did not want to take that. Magizoobotany required him to touch dirt and animals, which he tried very hard not to do. He knew he could get an easy A in Defense Against the Dark Arts, since the professor was such a ditz, but then his classmates could attack him. Like, it would be required in the class. What if someone was jealous? It would be the perfect alibi! Spellwork literally had “work” in the title. He wasn’t here for that.

In the end, he picked Divinations to round out his schedule. The class might give him great lyrical inspiration, and if it didn’t, he was at least the best at pretending to play along with all that mystic nonsense. He could improvise. All he had to do was say “yes, and?”

This left the blond bombshell with plenty of free time. He could set paparazzi traps on Pearl Street. Maybe he could actually talk to that cute girl who kept making eyes at him across the Cetus common room. He certainly wouldn’t lose his dance and song abilities, which got a little rusty during his half term at the school. Summer got his skills back, and he would not sacrifice them for his mother and agent’s little Humble Project.

He chose to spend some of this free time in the Edwards Recreation Center, doing laps in the pool to keep his muscles lean and strong. Perfect genetics could only do so much. One still needed to put in a little bit of effort to keep it as tight as he did. The pool started out empty, so he set his golden hibiscus print beach towel nearby and dove in. After close to an hour, he decided to take a break. JD stepped out of the pool and stretched, reaching his arms up high, lingering just a little when he noticed someone’s eyes were on him.

“If you take a picture,” he stated, relaxing his posture just so and placing one hand in the pocket of his very expensive pink swim trunks with tiny purple turtles swimming along the fabric, “You could probably sell it for several galleons.” JD flashed his best smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll feign ignorance when it ends up in a tabloid.”

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