Fernando Reyes

Feb. 18, 2021, 7:11 p.m.

Flashbang 4 Justice

"Lumos." One light. "Lumos Duo." Two lights. "Lumos Tria." Three lights. Perfect. Now for the moment of truth. "Lumos MAXIMA!" ... Nothing.

"Carajo!" Nando cursed to himself in Spanish like he usually did when he got flustered. It had taken him weeks to master the previous two spell modifiers, but for some reason, he couldn't get the hang of "maxima". He contemplated throwing his Spellwork textbook into one of the shallow pools he was practicing his lights on but decided against it.

Why was Nando practicing his spells in such an unconventional location, you might ask? Easy answer: the best thing that cheered him up after messing up a spell was playing. And Nando messed up a looooot. At least if he messed up in the Rec Center, he had the liberty of throwing his books onto a nearby chair and having fun on the waterslides.

He looked at the lights he had previously cast, which were slowly dissipating over the kiddy-pool water, leaving a rainbowy light effect in their wake. He poked at the glimmering effect with the tip of his wand mindlessly, not thinking about the potential water damage that could occur. In the background, he heard it.

"Insufferable child. Playing with lights. Of course, being mostly muggle probably makes him appreciate the simple things."

Nando audibly sighed and rolled his eyes over to the painting of some old stupid guy that used to roam the halls of RMI. He didn't bother learning the dude's name, preferring to call him whichever string of insults that his mami would highly disapprove of. This dude had been on his case since the moment that he had decided to use the Rec Center as his impromptu study room. He mostly ignored it, since his parents taught him if he had nothing good to say, he shouldn't say anything at all. Until he heard it start to talk about his parents.

"Lumos MAXIMA!" A light burst out of his wand, expanded, and hit the painting straight on.

"MY EYES!" The painting screamed as it walked out of frame.

Nando fell on the floor laughing excitedly but also at the blatant Spongebob reference that just occurred in front of him. Was it bad he was getting better at flash banging people? Nah, it was still hilarious to do it to bad people. He heard a noise behind him. Mierda.

"NOTHING!" He said instinctively, used to lying about whatever bad thing he usually got caught doing.

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Flashbang 4 Justice - Fernando Reyes || February 18