Deagret Wyckland

Feb. 18, 2021, 8:11 p.m.

I propose: Flashbang 4 Vengeance

Typically, Dea tended to keep her head down when entering the main entrance of the Rec Center--for one particular reason: that damn portrait of Alec Edwards.

She had fond memories of nearly cussing him out in her first year before a professor stepped in and quickly calmed her down. Every time since then, she'd find a way to subtly do something to piss the guy off. Whether she just flipped him the bird, or the one time she Sticking Charmed a fake furry mustache to his ugly, prejudiced face. The only reason it was even able to come down was because she couldn't figure out how to alter the charm in a Permanent Sticking Charm. That was a very sadly missed opportunity, because Dea was sure if did it again, she would be caught.

Today was no different, other than for the fact that she really just didn't care to be bothered by Edwards. She was rather stressed, as she had been for weeks, and just wanted to relax under the waterfalls or something. Either way, it definitely took her off guard to hear someone shout "Lumos MAXIMA" with a ferocity she hadn't encountered in awhile.

Dea was even more surprised that it was Nando, especially him being a first year. She wondered what he'd been aiming at until she noticed--

The empty portrait that belonged to that uptight jerk that she hated so desperately.

Nando had been laughing on the floor until he'd heard her, because he immediately looked very scared of who was facing him. Instead, a growing smile on her face as she adjusted her swimsuit and towel under one arm and used the other to help pull him up, Dea said, "Did...did you just flashbang Alec Edwards? Please say yes, I'm begging you."

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