Feb. 18, 2021, 8:36 p.m.

Friends Who Flashbang Together, Stay Together

Oh, it was just Dea. He released a sigh and pulled himself up using one of her arms for support. The older girl and he had started to develop a budding friendship after they had meme'd together in class. He couldn't help but blush at least ONCE whenever they hung out- NOT because he liked her, but because she was pretty, and pretty people made Nando nervous. He couldn't understand why yet, he figured it was a post-puberty thing. But for the time being, he simply shot the redhead a toothy grin.

"Did...did you just flashbang Alec Edwards? Please say yes, I'm begging you."

"Is that what he's called? I never read his dumb plaque. He's been being a stupid racista ever since I started practicing flashb- experimenting with lumos," he corrected himself, the tip of his wand lighting up in response to his spell. He cussed, and let go of it as it began to flail harmlessly on the safety harness that he had attached to the end of it. Of course, it was more advanced than a repurposed Wii-remote harness (which was his original idea), so the wand (detecting it was no longer in use) quickly zipped itself back into place.

"Now I wouldn't say that I flashbanged him, as much as I would say "practicing the magical art of spell modifiers and all of their intricate wonders", but to-may-to to-mah-to," he confessed. Seeing she was holding swimming gear and a towel, he excitedly added "Oh! Were you gonna swim? I learned how to make the water slightly warmer using Lumos Solem. I know I've been kind of in a Lumos-crave, but I swear it's like SUPER useful! Especially-"

He looked around to see if anyone was listening, then whispered. "Especially inside the you-know-where." He shot a glance at one of the totally innocuous waterfalls near the back of the rec center. He had accidentally discovered the Secret Passageways with Paola a while back and had been meaning to go back. With someone of course, it was way too scary to go by himself. And of course, if that someone ended up being the pretty upperclassman, then who was Nando to deflect a perfect bonding moment.

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