Feb. 20, 2021, 11:35 a.m.

Friends who flashbang each other...

Dea really could not help the immediate burst of laughter that left her mouth. In fact, the Draco found it so funny that she went nearly silent as she laughed, no air going in or out. It made her stomach hurt, but she hadn't laughed like that in a while, so it was worth it.

"Nando, you've just made my month. That guy is a jerk and deserves everything he gets," the redhead replied, finally able to breathe through the last bits of laughter. "Also, don't deny it, because what you just did--as a first year, don't forget that--was incredibly impressive. Plus, you managed to kill two birds with one stone."

And then, at Nando's next words, Dea's smile (and pride) only grew. She put an overly dramatic hand on her heart and pursed her lips before speaking softly. "I was going to swim, but right now? My dude, I could not be more proud of you right now. Tell me everything--and also teach me that spell, because you're right, they're very cold."

She wondered if Nando would be interested in exploring the passageways with her, because she went down there a lot, but it was always kinda...creepy when you were alone. It was not a nice feeling, and frankly, she would like an adventure partner to come with her.

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