Feb. 20, 2021, 8:13 p.m.

The U in FUN stands for Unconscious

Nando flashed a smile when Dea started laughing, although he did blush when she told him that she was proud of him. It was one thing when his mami complimented him (obviously she was legally and morally obligated to worship all of his pro-gamer moves), but hearing it from an actual teenager that wasn't one of his sisters caught him off guard. His sisters weren't exactly thrilled to learn that Nando was magic and they were muggles. While his middle sister demanded an explanation for why Nando kept it a secret for so long (as if he knew), his older sister was always used to being the most accomplished sibling. Not being able to perform magic- let's just say that Nando's parents spent the equivalent of a small loan on all the compensating extracurriculars that she added to her schedule.

Focus Nando. Looking at Dea, he pulled out his wand from its holster. He motioned for her to follow him towards the chair he left his stuff at and flipped through a notebook until he finally came across his notes on Lumos Solem.

"It's a lot like Lumos, but it makes it feel as if it were actual sunlight. Might come in handy if we meet any vampires," he said eerily, looking at the secret passageways. Wait, vampires existed in this universe, yeah? "It helps to envision the sun while you do it, and think warm thoughts- at least, that's what I do."

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