Feb. 20, 2021, 9:31 p.m.

The F in FUN is obvious! It stands for Flashbang!

Dea noticed the little blush that appeared on Nando's cheeks--he seemed to do that a lot. She thought it was adorable. As she followed him to his seating area, she wondered quietly if it was just like, an instinctual response or--

Yeah, nope, not thinking about that any longer because Nando had a wand holster.

Instantly, Dea's hand shot out like a viper and grabbed Nando's wrist, holding his arm up so she could see it well. "Where in the world did you get this?! That's so cool and now I need one. NOW. Well, not like, now-now, because obviously I'm hanging out with you so other things can wait. Please continue with teaching this great spell, oh-mighty Lumos-master."

She quieted down when Nando proceeded to tell her what to do, nodding her head and listening. "Well I certainly hope we don't see any vampires," Dea commented, her brows furrowing. "Nothing against them at all but like--that could be bad, and we would probably need to tell somebody and I'm not in the business of ratting people out, so that'd be a big problem."

Dea did as she was told, though, imagining the sun as she copied the movements Nando showed her and being firm on the incantation. She felt a slight warmth come over her, and when she opened her eyes, there was a little glowing ball above her that definitely felt more like the sun than Lumos did. "Holy crap! Yes! Nando you're a genius!"

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