Margaret Booth

May 6, 2020, 5:50 p.m.

I'm on whatever team you're on

Maggie liked being on the Quidditch Pitch. Not that she was particularly athletic - she had a pretty tiny build, just like her mom, and something about her just looked especially breakable - but it was just a nice place to be. Since she couldn’t go to Pearl Street for real fresh air, she used the artificial fresh air of the convincingly outdoorish Pitch to substitute. (She should have been only one school year away from Pearl Street, but she wasn’t, because she failed her very first year, which was super sad and embarassing. But Maggie did her best to remind herself that she had tried really, really hard and it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t know her brain worked differently.)

In any case, the Pitch it was. Today was the best kind of walking days, too, because she had a buddy with her! Not a person, of course - Maggie didn’t really talk to many of the kids her own age, the wounds of her classmates moving up and the rift she felt from the other first years just all little too fresh. But she was friends with Darlene Knight, a super nice upperclassman. And that upperclassman had a cat. And that cat tolerated harnesses. So that cat went on walks with Maggie.

The artificial sun was so pretty on Polyhymnia’s shiny, opalescent coat, bringing out all of the amazing and surreal colors the magically bred cat featured. It was all Maggie could really think about as they walked. But fortunately, she did look up in time to notice a Bludger coming at her. The Cetus let out a panicked yelp, but she was too scared to move. However, she was not completely obliterated by the demon ball, because Jace Fitz popped out of nowhere and did an awe-inspiring leap from his broom to rescue her at the very last moment. Maggie’s eyelashes fluttered. Jace was her hero!

“Hey,” she echoed, trying just a little to sound extra cute.”That looked really dangerous. Are you okay?” She knew he was, because he was amazing and great and wow, had he always been that cute?

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