Jason Fitz

Oct. 18, 2020, 9:56 a.m.

But then it won't be unknown anymore

Right so sometimes Jace just needed to be outside and do things which as it turned out was kinda hard when you went to an underground school. He was a third year now which meant he could go to Pearl Street, which was the outdoors, but it was just a strip mall. The biggest place they had that was kind of like the outdoors was the park thing in front of the courthouse, but that was always full of people smoking weed. Not that Jace had anything against people smoking weed, but he didn’t think it was his jam and he didn’t like being around the smell, so that was out. Which meant that until Pearl Street got a real park or something, Jace was stuck in the outside-inside, a.k.a. the Quidditch Pitch and the Outdoor Classroom.

There were woods, sort of, which was cool, and Jace kind of always wanted to test and see how far back the woods actually went. But he wanted to do that with someone rather than exploring alone and maybe getting eaten by some sort of wild creature that the new professor had brought in to inhabit the woods. Jace was like, ninety-nine percent sure that he was unlikely to get eaten by anything on the Quidditch Pitch though, so that was the route he went. You could still see the kind of nature-y pieces around, anyway, and he figured he could always grab a broom from the shed, which was kept unlocked, if he wanted. Jace didn’t currently have his own broom which made playing Quidditch kind of a pain, but it was totally worth it because he still hadn’t gotten over the rush of riding on a broom and dodging semi-sentient metal that was trying to kill him. Man, Quidditch was a great game. Quodpot was probably even better, probably.

So there was Jace, grabbing a broom from the shed off behind the stands of the Quidditch Pitch, and then there was Jace, with a broom in hand, and then there was Jace, who decided that the best way to mount the broom was to run whooping on to the Pitch, throw it up in the air, and jump on. And then there was Jace, on the ground, with dirt and grass stains on two semi-skinned knees, because that was absolutely not how you were supposed to mount brooms and the broom totally knew it. Damn.

Worst of the worst luck, too, because there was someone actually on the Pitch. Jace winced and stood up, grabbing the stubborn broom off the ground where it had landed when gravity had happened after he’d thrown it into the air. Well, that was that. When he stood up and walked towards the person who had called out to him, he realized it was Madeleine who was in the year below him and way talkative. She seemed pretty nice, but Jace had always kind of wondered if she was a narc because she was definitely related to not one, but two of the teachers at the school. Not that the Aquila was currently doing anything worth narcing on, but you never knew. Still, he was curious.

“What are you meditating about?” Jace called. It seemed like a weird thing to be doing on the Quidditch Pitch, even if there weren’t any team practices today. Madeleine had never struck Jace as the sort of girl who meditated and was a vegan and did...whatever those sorts of people did. Sage smudging? Whatever, Jace had never pegged her for one of those types. In his opinion, that was the sort of thing old people started doing when they realized they weren’t cool anymore. Like religion, but with less effort. But to be fair, he didn’t know Madeleine well at all, and it could be that there was a legit reason she was sitting on the Quidditch Pitch trying to do...communing with nature, or whatever the point of meditation was.

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