Oct. 18, 2020, 3:19 p.m.

Does that mean I can skip the other half?

All right, all right, all right - Jace had never considered that someone might be sitting on the Quidditch Pitch meditating for the purpose of turning into like, a tsetse fly or something. Although to be fair, Jace couldn’t really imagine Madeleine as an insect of any sort. Maybe a fluffy white bunny rabbit with a bow around its neck, or something? Or one of those tiny deer things that weren’t afraid of people. Something cute and unassuming, because those words pretty much just described Madeleine. Jace didn’t hate it, but from everything he knew, Madeleine was the sort of girl he wouldn’t prank because it just wouldn’t be fair. Like kicking puppies, or taking candy from babies. Because yeah, here she was meditating in order to become an animal one day.

Jace himself had considered Animagus lessons, and it wasn’t time to decide whether or not he wanted to do them yet, but he wasn’t sure that he did. If he could turn into something awesome like a cheetah or a bald eagle or a chupacabra or something he’d be totally in, but from what he understood, you didn’t really get to choose your Animagus form any more than you got to choose the form of your Patronus. So yeah, he didn’t want to put years and years of effort in just to be able to turn into some bug that someone could accidentally step on or splat against a wall. No thanks.

“I don’t think so,” Jace said, sitting down across from her to examine one of his knees, which was oozing blood. He didn’t have any bandaids or anything; he was contemplating whether or not he could use grass as a substitute bandaid or something. “I don’t want to put in all that work just to be able to turn into something lame. But like, do you, man,” he added hastily. He didn’t want to make Madeleine upset - again, kicking puppies. “I’m sure you’ll turn into something really cool, like,” crap, what was a cool animal that girls liked. “A goat. Or uh,” crap, that was definitely neither one of those things. “A sun bear.”

What the hell, Jace. A sun bear?

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