Eugene Hardie

Oct. 18, 2020, 6:32 p.m.

Rocky Balboa - eat your heart out

Back when Eugene had an older brother his mornings where all booked up. First he'd wake real early and start his day off with a song, then he'd meet up with Leo in the common room and they'd go for a jog around the pitch, and finish up with a hearty breakfast before class. With Leo missing inaction the routine had gone out the window but Eugene was trying to be more independent which meant taping the routine back together. It started out fine. He sang two songs from The Wizard of Oz and sprinted to the Quidditch Pitch in good spirits. Then the problems began.

The sun was beating down and Eugene only got halfway around before he had to take a breather. His t-shirt was soaked through with sweat so he had to try out a drying charm before he could even think about continuing. He wondered how much chicken he'd have to eat to get muscles. Probably a city of chickens.

Eugene had spent so long waiting to grow up but now that it was happening he wasn't sure he liked it. Yes, he was taller but he was even scrawnier than before and his limbs seemed insistent on disobeying his every command.

Eugene sighed. He was warm and sleepy and this wasn't half as fun without a running partner. He scrunched up his t-shirt and turned it into a makeshift pillow - he briefly thought about transforming it into the real thing but it was his favourite purple running t-shirt so it wasn't worth the risk. Then he dropped to the ground and lay down to rest - just for a minute.

Even his nose had begun to feel sweaty so he had removed his glasses and perched them on his stomach, watching hazily as they rose up and down with each breath he took until, eventually, he nodded off into a light slumber.

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