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Nov. 7, 2020, 11:57 a.m.

A Quidditch Scrimmage

Gerald Reid prided himself on being able to accurately predict which House would win the title of Quidditch champions by midterm. He had been working as RMI’s coach for a long ten years (on top of his even longer career as a professional Keeper) and he had developed a good sense of intuition when it came to watching students play. Currently, he was leaning towards Aquila or Draco… although he had to admit that was less because either had performed spectacularly well in their matches and more because the other two were poorly balanced. The senior Chaser for Cetus couldn’t make up for their untested first-years, while Lyra’s team was very literally overtaken by its Beaters.

The latest match - Lyra versus Aquila - had gone down about as well as could be expected. After confirming with Cleo that all had been patched up in more-or-less one piece, Gerry had decided that both his players and the medic could use a break.

This weekend, there would be a Quidditch Scrimmage. The announcement had been posted on the notice boards in each House common-room. The point of the scrimmage was to give all students a chance to just relax and have fun with the sport. He liked the idea of providing students who didn’t normally play the opportunity to do so, and it was also a good chance for regular players to brush up on their skills, or just work out some of their teenage competitive angst without risking an actual game. Of course some students might just want to watch in the stands, too, which was fine. All forms of Quidditch participation were welcome in his books.

Scrimmage day was now here, and Gerry arrived to find the pitch covered in a thick blanket of unnaturally purple snow. Flicking his wand left and right, the Scotsman cleared a path to the Quidditch shed and began setting up. Partway through arranging gloves and helmets on the equipment table, he paused to retrieve an extra table and called in a couple of the school’s house elves to stock it with hot drinks and healthy snacks. It was a brisk day and the students might get peckish after some exercise.

As students arrived, they were greeted by Coach Reid and asked to reach into a box of jerseys. Unlike the House jerseys used in normal games, these were all coloured black or white, which was how students would be randomly sorted onto teams. They could then claim whatever position they wanted (within the limits of normal team composition - this might be a casual day, but Gerry refused to allow something as ridiculous as a team of seven Seekers). If they didn’t have their own broom, they could use one of the old brooms from the shed, and they could borrow any other equipment they needed. When two approximately equal teams had assembled, it would be brooms-up, the coach’s whistle would blow, and the scrimmage would begin.


Welcome one and all! It’s been a long time since we wrote Quidditch, so some guidelines:
- Include in the subject of your first post the team colour (white or black) & position (chaser, keeper, beater, seeker) so that it’s easy to keep track as more players get posted
- There’s no set posting order for playing Quidditch; we’ll wind up with one long thread for all players, and possible spinoff as the game develops (e.g. if a Beater decides to pursue a specific player… please no murder)
- To avoid godmodding, try to leave any actions open-ended for other authors to reply (e.g. “they threw the quaffle at the goal hoop” instead of “they scored a goal”)
- If writing a seeker, don’t catch the snitch until your team is declared the winner (more on that below)
- If your player falls off their broom, it’s safe to assume Coach Reid will use magic to prevent them from going splat
- Feel free to create extra threads for spectators, interactions pre/post game, etc.

House Quidditch rosters are posted on the OOC board if you want to reference that, but it’s not required that students play their normal position, and all students can join the scrimmage even if they don’t normally play. If none of your student characters want to play Quidditch but you really want to write it, grab an NPC :)

The scrimmage will officially “end” on November 15. The team with the most posts will be declared the winner!

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