Elliot Phippen

Nov. 7, 2020, 4 p.m.

(White, Chaser) And the first intercept

So technically the Quidditch scrimmage was probably for people who weren’t on the teams, but like, Elliot wasn’t just gonna pass up the chance to play Quidditch. And he super didn’t have the upper body strength for Beating or the patience for Keeping. He debated for a while whether to play his normal position. Elliot was a damn good Seeker.

But today, something about being a Chaser was calling him. First of all, one team having a damn good Seeker could be unfair for the casuals who’d be playing today. Elliot wasn’t too worried about fairness in particular, but he didn’t want to end the match too soon. Elliot didn’t play on easy or story mode. Plus, Chaser was more of a multiplayer experience. Seeking was like playing a sniper and setting up a spot and camping, which was a legitimate strategy. But interacting with other people instead of avoiding them could be fun when there were players besides the normal Aquila team on the field.

So after Elliot pulled a white jersey out of Coach Reid’s box, he successfully lobbied for a Chasing position. He wasn’t too interested in Developing A Chasing Strategy with the rest of his team. It seemed pretty straightforward: pass the Quaffle, score the goals.

He hadn’t realized how hard swapping positions would be until he was on the air on his Cirrus Falcon 5 and his Seeker instincts took over. Elliot kept glancing around for the Snitch, and every glint of gold in the corner of his eye made him swivel around on his broom like he normally would. At this rate he was going to accidentally catch the Snitch just on autopilot!

In an effort to focus on his new role he decided to stalk Anssi Lundqvist, the Head Chaser and captain of the Draco team in normal times, and current Chaser and Quaffle-holder for the black team. When the ball left the older boy’s hand, Elliot saw his chance: he swooped down between the two black team players and caught the Quaffle, then pelted toward the other end of the field on Seeker gotta-go-fast instincts. Not wanting to aim for the goals himself (his arm was not good), Elliot passed to the first open white player he saw.

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