Katherine Kendrick

Nov. 8, 2020, 9:34 a.m.

[Black, Beater] Coming in with a surprise

Kit super loved Quidditch and it was awesome that she was the Quidditch Captain this year, but for some reason it didn’t seem like everyone was excited about her being Captain like she was. She had told Mom and Dad when she found out and the look on Dad’s face had been kind of funny and Mom had seemed a little confused (even though they were both super supportive). And definitely not everyone on the team seemed excited for her, which was just rude in her personal opinion because it was a good thing to be excited for other people when exciting things happened. Admittedly, their team wasn’t doing the best ever, and admittedly Kit was more interested in doing costumes and working on her cosplay projects anyway and definitely had forgotten practice at least once because of that, but they were trying and that was important.

But being Captain was very stressful and required much more work than Kit really anticipated, so when it was time for them to take a break from organized Quidditch and just do a fun game with whoever wanted to play, Kit jumped at the opportunity. Being a Beater was one of the things she loved the most and she’d definitely loved it less this year what with being Captain and in charge and everything, so it was super fantastic that she was going to get the chance to whack Bludgers in a game without having to direct people too. She was really good at keeping an eye on everything happening in the game at once, but Kit tended to focus on her job of smacking murderous balls in the direction of her enemies, rather than what the other people on her team should be doing.

Not everyone playing in the game was an actual Quidditch player, so when Kit brought her broom and bat down to the Pitch, she was careful to make note of which people would be easy to get off their brooms. When she pulled a black jersey out of the bin she nodded to herself, then slipped it on over her brightly colored blue shirt (which had a picture of Stitch hugging a giant pineapple and the word ‘ALOHA’ in large, friendly letters) then mounted her broom. The game got off to a good start with Anssi, who was on her team, grabbing the Quaffle when the Coach started the game.

Her date with Anssi had gone really well, but then she’d gotten distracted by her plan with Darlene to poison Drew, which was still a work in progress. They’d decided to make their move after midterm, since it was taking them so long to get started, and plus then Drew would have been lured into a sense of false security because nobody had tried to stop him from dating Remy. Kit knew that the false sense of security was important. But soon, Darlene would be nursing Drew back to health and they’d get back together again, Kit felt a little bit bad for Remy, but she was sure that there was a nice boy (or girl, Kit didn’t actually know if Remy liked girls too or not) who wanted to date Remy who didn’t already have a True Love. Lots of people met people in college, right? And Remy was going to go to college because she was super smart. So Remy would probably meet a super smart boy in college, and honestly it was just for everyone’s best if Darlene and Drew got back together. They’d make it happen.

But in the meantime, Elliot had snapped up the Quaffle. No! Kit was conflicted. Elliot had saved her from an upset Ferdinand at the beginning of the year and hadn’t been a bad person since then. Well, he was still really annoying most of the time, but he was really annoying in kind of an endearing way now, almost. It seemed like he always had a partner already whenever she looked in class so she hadn’t gotten to work with him again, but things were looking up. Kit didn’t want to smash his face in with a Bludger and she would feel bad if she injured him too, so when a Bludger came her way she ducked instead of thwacking it towards Elliot.

Fortunately it didn’t take too long for Elliot to try to throw the Quaffle at someone from his team, someone Kit had fewer reservations about Bludger-ing, so when the Bludger swerved and came back at her again, Kit took her bat and with a well-practiced aim, shot the heavy ball in the same direction that Elliot had just sent the Quaffle.

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