Nov. 8, 2020, 10:23 a.m.

It’s optional

Jace said he wasn’t going to do the Animagus class, but here he was coming over and sitting down with Madeleine. Maybe he wanted to learn how to meditate anyway! Apparently meditating was really good for you for all kinds of reasons. It made your blood pressure lower, which was a good thing, and it made you better at noticing things because meditating was all about noticing things and not judging them. And people who meditated were supposed to be calmer and happier, although Madeleine was not a hundred percent sure about that part because Aaron-Dad meditated and he was not, per se, the least stressed person that Madeleine knew. But maybe Jace was interested in one of those reasons, if he didn’t want to turn into an animal!

Madeleine thought that all animals were amazing, but she could understand why a person might not want to be an Animagus if it meant you turned into a sea anemone (even though they were pretty and colorful) or a flobberworm (it just didn’t seem very fun to be one). She was going to do Animagus anyway of course even if she turned out to be a hermit crab though. Admittedly, she was quietly hoping for something a bit more interesting, like a nightingale or a kitten… or even a goat or a sun bear.

“You think so?” Madeleine beamed brightly. Jace was so nice! “I’m working on knowing. The meditating helps you with the part where you figure out what your Animagus form is going to be. Do you wanna try? You just have to sit in a comfy position,” Madeleine indicated her criss-cross-applesauce legs, although that probably was not the comfiest position for Jace, “and breath deep so your belly moves.” Madeleine demonstrated with a hand on her stomach, breathing all the way down to her diaphragm so her hand moved out when she inhaled through her nose and in when she exhaled through her mouth. “Then you can close your eyes and imagine your thoughts are clouds blowing by in the sky or leaves floating away on a stream or something like that.” Personally Madeleine liked the clouds one the best.

She opened her eyes to see if Jace was doing it and then noticed his leg was bleeding. “Oh,” she said, pointing. “Are you okay?” Madeleine didn’t know any Healing spells yet, but she did have some tissues in the pocket of the pastel pink romper she was wearing. She pulled them out and offered them to Jace. “Here, these’ll help. Do you need to see Medic Rock?”

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