Jan. 10, 2021, 4:41 p.m.

I'm gonna let it flashbang others

Nando's mind was running at the speed of light (excuse the pun). Magic- he had actually done magic. He had flash banged someone in the process, but he had actually produced something without it just straight-up failing. This was good! NO, it was bad-very bad. He stood like a tiny little idiot, realizing that the girl in front of him couldn't see him. Oh my god, he blinded her.

"Ahh..uhh...hngg.... Ar-are you okay??" He asked, unsure of how he was going to help this girl out. He knew that the anti-light spell was Nox, but he had no idea if he could even cast that spell, let alone if it could be used restoratively. Quickly, but softly, he grabbed the young girl's hands and pulled her up. He realized he had made her trip over her really cool looking telescope, which seemed to be magically affixed in place.

Attempting to try to fix the mess he made, he introduced himself. "I'm Nando, by the way. Fernando if you want. I am SO sorry for, well, uh, everything. I can try casting Nox a bunch if you want. I don't know if it will help but, I feel kinda stupid not being able to help much more. You-" He looked at her in the dark. "You're in Draco, right? I've seen you walk with Rhia before. What's your name, also much more importantly do you want me to help you to the nurses' office, no magic in the process, well unless you want to cast magic, but I think I'm all magic out for the time being, and-"

Nando kept talking, and talking, and talking. Silence never solved anything in his opinion, and if he could save the day without any awkward pauses, well that was two wins in his book.

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