Jan. 10, 2021, 6:45 p.m.

Please don't

The person who had spoken took Paola’s hands and gently pulled her out of the mud. Paola clutched at their hands as the burning afterimages in her eyes sloshed with the movement. And she couldn’t place the voice. She could only tell that their hands were about the same size as her own. So probably another firstie, or maybe a second year?

"Ahh..uhh...hngg.... Ar-are you okay??"

“Noooo,” Paola sniffled. She was weeping, very slowly, and didn’t realize it. “Everything’s blue and purple and glowy and it hurts.

"I'm Nando, by the way. Fernando if you want. I am SO sorry for, well, uh, everything. I can try casting Nox a bunch if you want. I don't know if it will help but, I feel kinda stupid not being able to help much more. You-" Nando. And he was babbling. Which was fine with Paola because she had no idea how to respond. What did she say in response to “I’m sorry,” and really, what on earth did she say to, “I’m sorry, can I help fix what I did?” Fortunately, with Nando running on, she didn’t have to say anything.

"You're in Draco, right? I've seen you walk with Rhia before. What's your name, also much more importantly do you want me to help you to the nurses' office, no magic in the process, well unless you want to cast magic, but I think I'm all magic out for the time being, and-"

“Yes, Rhia’s my roomie,” Paola finally managed to answer once Nando paused for breath. “I’m Paola. And no, please don’t do more magic. But yes, I think I need to go to the nurse.” There was something she wasn’t thinking about. “My telescope! I can’t leave it here.” Could she close it up by touch? She really didn’t want Nando touching it. He seemed more than a bit clumsy. “Can you help me over to it please?”

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