Jan. 29, 2021, 5:34 p.m.

Light As A Feather Then?

Oh god. Oh god, she was crying. Nando suddenly became very aware of his surroundings, almost as if he instinctively kicked on "be mature" switch in his head. Nando's parents were very strict about making sure Nando knew he was to respect women-

"And not like those fake feminists you see on Twitter!" His older sister Natalia would remind him. Nando remembered the one time he reblogged a Meninist post as a joke once and his mother made him write an essay on the history of feminism and modern social stigma. After falsifying sources and stating LGBT stood for Lettuce Guac Bacon Tomato, his parents just grounded him, which definitely sucked. So yea, Nando respects women now, lest his social liberties be stripped of him once more.

Wait what were we talking about again. Hearing Paola lightly weeping, his attention was suddenly brought back into focus. She mentioned going to the nurse which Nando immediately agreed to, stepping forward towards the school grounds. Before he continued, she remarked “My telescope! I can’t leave it here. Can you help me over to it please?”

He made a face. "Can you even see it right now? Let me close it, or better yet we can magic it to just follow us. What's the spell for Mage Hand again- Locomotor?" As he said this, he grabbed his wand, which unexpectantly made his book lift a few inches off the ground. Excitedly, he turned to ask Paola if she had seen it before he realized- oh yeah she can't see. Trying to maneuver the book, he accidentally made it move too fast, almost hitting Paola's telescope in the process. Maybe she had a point.

"You know what?" His book zoomed past them, smashing into Quidditch Pitch's broom shack window. The sound of glass shattering filled the air. "NOTHING! You're exactly right, let me just move you over there, haha. What window, I didn't see a window?"

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