Raja Nazari-Richards

Jan. 30, 2021, 12:23 p.m.

And an innocent Quidditch practice [Tag: Aquila player]

As captain of the Aquila Quidditch team, Raja did his best to deserve his title. He had always loved the game, even before being adopted by a professional player, but that step-up had definitely improved his skills. Running drills and practices with his mother and/or his grandfather - a retiree from the game - gave him a leg up, so his skills were definitely not a debatable factor. It was only the other aspects of being captain that made Raja nervous. Was he strategic and smart enough? Was he nice enough but firm enough to his players? Was he a good leader? Maybe he was overanalyzing, but he couldn’t help wondering if they felt he deserved it, especially since there had been a year in his career where he was missing when he studied abroad in India.

He tried to shove all of those concerns out of his head and as he made his way down to the Pitch. The team had practice in about twenty minutes, but he liked to be early and make sure everything was set. He had some fun ideas for today’s agility drills. However, upon arrival, he found himself immediately distracted. There was a cowboy hat sitting on top of the rock wall. That seemed odd, and his first thought was that maybe someone was looking for it. He couldn’t imagine any of his classmates wearing it unironically, but maybe it was a costume piece that Mr. Tennant would be looking for.

Raja started up the rock wall, and as he got closer, he felt his curiosity growing and growing. When he reached the top, his hands acted without consulting him and placed the hat on top of his head. At first he thought it was a little big on him, but then something felt just right. “Well, yeehaw!” he cheered to no one in particular. “This hat’s mighty fine!”

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