Jan. 30, 2021, 12:43 p.m.

As long as we don't have to compare it to a brick

Paola's mention of her telescope stopped Nando from leading her off to the nurse's office. At least immediately, that was. She wasn't sure if she should be grateful to him for (trying to) help, or upset for blinding her in the first place. Maybe she could figure that out once they got to the nurse's office.

Her eyes seemed to be settling into a steady rhythmic throbbing, but the blue and purple afterimages were maybe shrinking. Maybe? Paola wondered if that was just wishful thinking on her part. No, they weren't shrinking, which made it worse that Nando immediately asked, "Can you even see it?"

"I've packed up my telescope in the dark before," Paola said, or started to say, as Nando immediately suggested magicking the telescope to follow them.

"No," was Paola's immediate reaction. Nando had just blinded her with out-of-control magic, and she couldn't at the moment remember any spells to make anything move. She probably couldn't cast any of them even if she had remembered. And how would that spell react to the ones that were built into the telescope? Paola's gut feeling was that the telescope's spells were probably stronger than anything she or Nando could do. And she really, really didn't want him touching her new telescope and maybe breaking it.

"Locomotor! he cried. Which: fine, that was the spell. But what had he done? Paola froze as the sound of breaking glass shattered the quiet.

"What did you DO?" she cried.


"Nando!" That wasn't an answer, but he was already irrepressibly babbling on.

"You're exactly right, let me just move you over there, haha. What window, I didn't see a window?"

"A window?" Paola echoed. He had broken a window? With what? How? Paola relaxed enough to let Nando tow her over to her telescope. (And presumably, even he wouldn't be still be offering to move her over to it if that had been what he'd flung through the window.) She cautiously felt towards it, only to find that it was still upright and pointed where she had left it. And that by luck, she hadn't stuck her muddy fingers on the lenses.

She cautiously felt around to the releases, the telescope taking shape under her hands, and then hesitated. She had packed up her telescope in the dark many times, but not this telescope. And not with burned eyes. Not that she thought having light would help, as she swiped at her stinging eyes. She was surprised when her hand came back wet, which probably showed.

"It's nothing," she said before Nando could ask what was wrong. She found the knob that released the telescope itself and spun it maybe a little harder than necessary. The telescope turned downward. From there, it was easy to fold in the eyepiece and collapse the tripod. Paola gathered the whole thing clumsily into its case (which also felt wet and muddy, oh joy). She turned back to where she thought Nando was and held out a hand. "Alright, I'm ready. Nurse's office now?"

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