Headmaster Tobias Morgan

Feb. 20, 2021, 8:37 a.m.

Come one, come all: the Winter Festival has arrived!

The Quidditch Pitch reflected the weather out on Pearl Street (for the most part - they were pretty sure that it didn’t rain puffskeins on Pearl Street, even occasionally) and so when Toby decided to go for a brisk walk one day in late May on the Quidditch Pitch, he was astonished to see snow. Snow! Of course, they were close to the Rocky Mountains and it had been known to snow at unusual times, but not quite this much. Maybe it was the magic amplifying the weather, but within a few hours, several inches of snow had fallen and the Quidditch Pitch, Outdoor Classroom, and surrounding questionable, possibly endless forest was all beautiful and frosted and looked like it was about to be Christmas time.

Since exams had just ended for the students in third and seventh years, it was obviously the most absolutely ideal time for Toby to declare a winter holiday. He had talked the Aaron McKindy into helping out, and within absolutely no time there was a snow festival out on the Quidditch Pitch. With an expression that was definitely pained but Toby absolutely did not take as such, McKindy had gone ahead and sent a little invitation to every student that exploded in snowflake-shaped confetti with a trumpeting sound before inviting them to come participate in the winter festival on the Pitch.

Much like a Howler. A festive Howler.

Out on the Pitch, there were stations set up and a long table with snacks and treats. There was a bowl of chocolates shaped like Hershey’s Kisses on one end, some blini with jams and preserves on the other (Samuel Boot had insisted), and all sorts of winter foods from different cultures in between.

Unbeknownst to Toby, while he was off badgering McKindy about setting up the snowman animation competition, Rob Hier had snuck up to the table and carefully doused all the chocolates in a particularly potent Cheering Potion. It was absorbed quickly into the chocolate and left no trace other than a light scent that may have been cherry liquor.

Toby had conjured floating, winking, multi-colored lights everywhere - the sort you might see on a Christmas tree. He had also moved a few statues from the corners of RMI (there weren’t many statues at RMI, but Toby had found them all and relocated them to the Pitch with the help of some house-elves who gave him dubious looks). Then he had cast a spell on them that he thought was delightful because now, whenever anyone stepped within a four foot range of any of the statues, that statue would begin to sing a winter-y song. They would rotate between songs, for variety and extra fun.

For even more fun, he enchanted some mistletoe to float around the Pitch and hover over the heads of people standing just a little too close together. Because it was magic mistletoe, any people trapped under it would be unable to move away from that location until they kissed. Toby obviously so no problem inherent in that.

Once Toby had become distracted from Aaron McKindy, McKindy was able to focus on the snowman animation station. There was a table with snowman accessories that would animate any snowman they were put on for about ten minutes before wearing off. Each snowman would have a slightly distinct personality while they were animated, and there was definitely enough snow around the station to keep as many students in snowmen as wanted it. Just for safety’s sake, Aaron had cast a Replenishing Charm on the snow closest to the table with the animating accessories.

At Toby’s behest, Aaron had also created a giant hill at one end of the Pitch, and had provided sleds at the very top of it. The sleds were charmed to return to the top of the hill once they had reached the bottom, so no students would end up accidentally leaving them anywhere. The bonus of course, being that nobody would have to carry the sleds back up the hill to use again either.

It was a true Winter Festival in May, as only the Rocky Mountains (and/or magic) could provide.

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