Wynonna Wakefield

Feb. 20, 2021, 12:28 p.m.

I'm just here for the food.

Sitting on a bench near the snack table and absolutely glaring at everyone who walked near her, Wyn was sipping her hot chocolate and bogarting the candy bowls to get her sugar fix.

She did not like the cold. She did not like snow. She wanted to be inside. But no, there was food out here--festive food. And it wasn't like, cold food, it was warm food. There were cookies, and brownies, and so many different kinds of hot cocoa (she currently had a super fancy Italian style hot chocolate in her hands. It was a somewhat odd texture but it tasted insane).

At least there was food, and she was warm enough.

Wynonna was completely bundled from head to toe, and it wasn't like she didn't get snow in Georgia, but she didn't like it. At all. She wanted it to go away. She hoped it would melt in a few days, because ya know, it's May, but that probably wasn't going to happen, because this was Colorado.

Despite it being cold and miserable out, it was also kinda funny watching people get stuck under the mistletoe and being trapped there. So yes, she was back to people watching (and reading a book). In fact, she'd had her head in a book when someone sat down next to her and slid a bowl of chocolates away from her and into their lap.

Needless to say, she was appalled at the disrespect.

"Excuse me?" Wyn commented, her face slightly red. "I was eating those."

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