Deagret Wyckland

Feb. 20, 2021, 12:45 p.m.

A Christmas Redo!

This was a nice day for Dea. Considering she'd had a...rough Christmas Eve and Day, this little second go at it was really lifting her spirits and helping her forget what had gone down.

She liked snow--she didn't like shoveling it, but she liked snow. Dea had fond memories of watching snow fall past her windows and school being cancelled the next day (it always had to be several inches though--schools in Mass didn't just close down for nothing). Going outside, playing in the snow and then coming in for hot chocolate. That was always fun.

Building snowmen with her parents was something they did every winter. Graham wasn't really ever around when it was snowing, since he was off at school. She wondered where the box of snowman stuff had gone--she hadn't seen it in several years, but of course, she was off at school too. Dea remembered it being plastic pieces, all smooth, the hat, mittens, and scarf all red. The carrot had gotten chewed on by the family dog one year, so it was a little shorter than it should've been but it worked.

When she approached the box of accessories, she made sure not to pick anything red.

She walked over to an empty station and began to push snow and pack it into a tiny pile, before squatting down and starting to roll it in the snow, nostalgia hitting her hard.

Dea noticed a shadow on the ground in front of her, and turned back to see a person standing there. Smiling, she asked, "Wanna help? I could use an extra set of hands to get started on the midsection."

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