Paige Blair

Feb. 20, 2021, 2:19 p.m.

First time for me!

Life was going on real berk-like. First she’d found a real life chef’s hat, which was sweet as, and then she’d found some random inspo stuffed up in her brain somewhere all about poisonous foods that could make a meal kill ya, which Paige was pretty sure she’d never studied at RMI or NZAM or even at her Muggle primary school. She had fuzzy memories of gabbing on to Drew about poisons before feeling a tad suspicious of him stealing her ideas. Then Drew had left, and she’d ditched the chef’s hat in the theatre prop box, and everything was normal until suddenly Drew was poisoned.

No one seemed to think that Paige had done it. Paige also didn’t think she’d done it, except she also didn’t think she knew how to poison people and now had more ideas for poisoning than she could count on all her fingers and toes (the specifics were a little fuzzy but she def remembered standing on the theatre stage running out of fingers and toes to list ‘em on). So who knew, really? She was tempted to ask Aaron if he could make sure she hadn’t poisoned Drew, because he knew all of the magic and there had to be some way he could check. But according to Vi, Aaron had been super mad about the poisoning and also one of the statues in the admin halls didn’t have a head anymore - which might’ve been totally unrelated but again, Aaron knew all of the magic. Since she didn’t have any proof it was definitely her, she figured she should just keep her worries to herself and keep her head on while she was at it, and stuck to the back of the room for Spellwork.

Anyways, a snow day was a good distraction from all of that. Paige had never seen snow before coming to RMI, and still wasn’t totally sure how she felt about it, but at least it wasn’t cold out today, or not as cold as January had been. Wandering around the pitch, kicking at the fluffy white stuff with her runners, she came across one of the older girls doing… something? Rolling balls out of snow? Oooh, this was for a snowman, like in Christmas movies! Wild. “Sure, I’ll join ya,” she agreed with a grin, “but fair alarm I got no clue how ta do this.” She dropped to her knees and began trying to mash more snow onto the ball. “I’m Paige,” she added brightly. “Still new enough I don’t have names stuck in my head. Who’re you, again?”

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