Fernando Reyes

Feb. 20, 2021, 4:34 p.m.

I'm Not Blushing, it's cold!! YOU'RE BLUSHING!!!

Nando was dressed in about every single winter garment he had available. He waddled as he made his way down to the Quidditch Pitch which he recently learned was hosting a winter festival...in May. He thought it was a little silly considering the timing, but you had to keep a few things in mind. 1) Nando never says no to parties, 2) Nando never says no to candy and sweets, 3) His DnD party had recently finished a winter themed session and this made him feel as if he was experiencing the same thing as his level 6 Cleric. Despite all of this, and if seeing his obsession with fire and penguin attire, Nando was not a person who enjoyed the cold. This was very apparent as he immediately made the highest pitch squeak he had ever made after his first step outside.

"Hay un frío de MADRE," he exclaimed to himself, immediately running back inside the warmly charmed inner halls. Glumly, he watched as other people made their way across the pitch to what seemed the most fun winter festival he had ever seen. Of course this was also the first winter festival he had ever seen in real life, but he had seen plenty of them in video games (and come on- Skyrim was basically just one big winter festival).

Come on Nando. You're brave, you're cool enough to face your fears. It's exactly like swimming in a really cold pool; the moment you start to move around, it no longer is super bad. Closing his eyes like a baby, he gingerly took a step outside. "Eep!" Another step. He took in a brisk breath of air. One more step. "Hijo de P-" He cut himself off as he continues to waddle step by step towards the sweets. After he was full of sugary goodness, he was sure that it would warm him up, it had to. Maybe he should step closer to people so he could warm up.

Thinking he had seen someone familiar, he waddled over to the closest person he could find before realizing that he could no longer waddle. And if he wasn't waddling, he was getting cold. And if he was getting cold-

"Hey can you push me really hard, I think I'm stuck in the snow," he suggested whinningly, not realizing that the person was looking at the mistletoe that had appeared above their heads.

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